Why is Travel Guard Plus Such a Great Travel Insurance Plan for African Safaris?

The cost of every other travel insurance plan with AIG Travel Guard or any other travel insurance company, is determine by just 2 factors, the cost of the trip and the age of the traveller. The cost of Travel Guard Plus is determined by many factors (you will see it referred to as a factor-based priced plan), the most important of which is the destination country.

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Travel Guard Plus Has Top of the Line Coverage Which Includes:

  • Medical coverage of $100,000
  • Emergency evacuation coverage of $1,000,000. This includes evacuation to your hospital of choice, which can be your hometown hospital
  • Coverage for adventure sports. This is important if you plan to take a hot air balloon ride, go white water rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, hang gliding, etc.

Normally, policies with these kinds of excellent coverages would be very costly. However, since Travel Guard Plus is factor-based and destination country is so important, travel to Southern and Eastern Africa actually have the lowest actuarial risk than anywhere else in the world. This is because people with heath issues typically do not go on safaris. Therefore, there is less chance they will cancel or get sick on safari.

Since prices can vary slightly from state to state, you will find that it is usually much less expensive from the Deluxe Plan, which has comparable coverage, and the popular Preferred Plan, which can be upgraded to be comparable to Travel Guard Plus by selecting the medical coverage and adventure sports upgrades. This can be a viable option in some states. The Essential Plan is not recommend for travel outside the United States, and especially Africa.

We Encourage Comparisons of Coverages and Prices with Plans from Other Travel Insurance Companies

To get started click the AIG Get a Quote button. You will be taken to the AIG Travel Guard website. We will never see your confidential information. Continue until you see the prices of the Preferred, Deluxe, Essential, and Travel Guard Plus plans. You can stop at this point and do comparisons of prices and coverages of plans with other travel insurance companies, or you can make a decision as to which plan to buy, and continue with that plan until the policy is purchased. It is all very user friendly and straight forward.

If you do decide to continue on, you will first be asked for your mode of transportation. If you know which airline you will be traveling on, click on the airline button and select the airline. If you click on the tour operator button, you almost certainly will not find your tour operator. If so, just unclick the tour operator button. You can always click on None of the above.

If you have any questions or need help just contact us.

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Because we are "for profit", none of the items we suggest you donate while on safari should be considered a tax deductible item, including the solar powered lamps. However, because we are "for Profit”, and make all our money from travel insurance, you can be sure that 100% of the money you donate for solar powered lamps goes to the purchase of the lamps.