Safari Lodges

Safari Lodges are a popular accommodation option in both Eastern Africa, and in Southern Africa. However there some big differences.

In Eastern Africa

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, the lodges are built to accommodate larger crowds of tourists and have a special appeal to the middle-market packaged safari customers, as well as catering to the families with children. Think of them as ‘hotels’ in the bush, able to accommodate upwards of 100 guests, with private facilities, hair dryers and telephones in all rooms, a bar, a gift shop, and public rooms which can be used for conferences. Some lodges have open air dining rooms where meals are served; others have regular closed in dining rooms. Meals are always served buffet style with many choices. Everything about lodges remains practical, comfortable and affordable, in spite of the number of guests they service.

In Southern Africa

Zambia, Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, the lodges offer more exclusivity, personalized service and (generally, but not all) tend to cater to very affluent clients. The accommodations are smaller in number and higher in luxury. Guests are accommodated in comfortable and spacious chalets or suites that are intimate and romantic and often have plunge pools to each suite. Many cater to families, especially in the malaria-free game parks found on Garden Route of South Africa. These lodges have live-in nannies so the parents can have dinners exclusively with other adult guests after a day spent with the children on game drives. Nannies will take care of the children with the evening meal, playing games and entertaining them. All furnishings in the suites and the bedrooms are of attractive African or Colonial design, and in the bathrooms the guests are provided with exclusive and high quality product labels found in the finest establishments. Food and drinks are a very special occasion, with table d’hote service accompanied by high quality wines served from well stocked wine cellars and top of the line after dinner drinks.

Safari Lodge
Safari Lodge
Safari Lodge

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