Tented Camps on an African Safari in Africa

These accommodations offer the most authentic and intimate safari experiences, where the wildlife will often come close to you immersing a client in the sights and sounds of Africa. They are set in the bush, ranging in size to accommodate from six guests to forty plus guests and vary in style and luxury to appeal to the guests of different budgets: from the budget conscious guests to the affluent clients and in-between.

What they all have in common are canvass walls with private ensuite facilities with hot water, very comfortable beds, the lounge which is a common gathering area, a dining room with varied and plentiful food choices, an outdoor area called ‘around the fire’ for after dinner drinks and intimate safari conversation. All offer excellent guiding by professionally trained guides and the game drives are in open sided safari vehicles.

 Some offer more luxury than others, and based on the amenities they offer, they are  generally grouped in three categories:

  1. Standard
  2. Moderate
  3. Luxury


Hot and cold running water, flushing toilets, simple, adequate and comfortable furniture a very good selection of meals with local wines and beer included, and catering to any diets.


Larger tents for smaller number of guests with more personalized service. Usually they will have an indoor and an outdoor shower, a pool and, and there will be a  larger selection of wines.


“Out of Africa” style luxury accommodations. Only few but large and well appointed tents, with traditional ambiance of ‘yesteryears, with every possible luxury available in the bush, often including antique furniture, expensive silverware and dishes with crystal glasses serving the finest wines. There is usually a pool and a massage service available. 

Standard tented camp
Standard tented camp
Moderate tented camp
Moderate tented camp
Luxury tented camp
Luxury tented camp

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